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Seth Finley
Somewhere, USA

The Disorder Communities Are Paying Attention

I am a man who was diagnosed with autism, and most people like me have it rough growing up because of having to deal with assumptions made about them by most people around them throughout their lives.

I have dealt with these assumptions since I was a boy, and they were made about my behavior, how hard I work, how I meet goals, how I live life, and many other things that define me. Dealing with this for many years has caused me to live a life filled with criticism, doubt, unrest, and worst of all, bullying.

When someone is born with and diagnosed with autism or any other kind of disorder, it is always inevitable that they will deal with these assumptions being made numerous times in their life as they grow... or is it TRULY? Not if we learn that criticism can be extremely overused, and to ultimately dedicate to having kindness in our hearts and use the same dedication to practice it in the most effective ways throughout our lives.

It may have been constantly difficult at times, but I have not given up on life, because I feel that with a little work each day, this dedication can easily brighten the lives of many. I have a belief that there is an unwritten rule that says that we do not have the right to judge, so it is important to remember that because we don’t have that right, we cannot exercise it. What we should do instead is always acknowledge the positivity of people rather than the negativities, and dedicate our lives to bringing people to their personal best all across the world. What is sometimes forgotten is that if negativities in people are regarded more than positivities, self-esteem will decrease hugely, and bad things will happen to people emotionally, especially for people with disabilities. People with disabilities are paying attention to all who stand up for them, and if they are forsaken, they, like me, will NEVER forget.

During the Vietnam War and the Civil Rights Movement, people marched down the streets chanting “The World Is Watching.” It is true, because it is still happening today. As someone who is different, I am observing what you do, and seeing if you will accept me even though I’m different. The disabilities chose them; they did not choose the disabilities, so please don’t forget, give them hand-up’s, not hand-outs.  

Sincerely yours,

Seth Finley

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