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Nurturing Children to #BEtheDifference

I see kindness everyday! It’s there lurking in the hallways and classrooms of my school building. I am a speech and language pathologist and I am fortunate to witness and be part of what kindness looks and feels like. The untrained eye may never see what I see or hear what I hear. School employees are the catalyst of guiding children to perform acts of kindness everyday. Children do what they see! Children are spectators and observe their surroundings. They notice everything including when a teacher, custodian, lunch lady, secretary, therapist, or principal recognize them by name, gives them a high five or a hug, or when they spend time to listen to their favorite joke. We are always on display as role models to these children. These children are our future!

I take this role very seriously. I love when I see a teacher stop in the hallway to give a student a hug or to take a minute to chat. I am inspired by the encouraging words or the laughter that I hear during classroom lessons as I walk by or when mutual empathetic conversations occur between students and lunchroom staff. Our job is more than instructing curriculum. It is a job of compassion, empathy, guidance, understanding, awareness, and of course…kindness. Social media often bombards us with visions of violence or stories of chaos in the schools. We are much more than that! What they don’t share is the everyday acts of kindness that occur without a camera or news reporter present. School personnel Dare To Be Kind every day! We are nurturing children to #BeTheDifference!

Kindness has the power to create radical change.

Just be Kind to someone today. Click to show your support and grow the movement.

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