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Mysore, India

Kindness Can Be As Simple As Words

I'm a 24-year-old girl-next-door. And people of my generation or even younger assume it's cool to put another person down to make themselves look better. When I graduated college, I was 21 years old. All my friends set off to do things after undergrad, mostly got a job. This was the time I was still trying to get a job and couldn't resonate with the offers I was getting, so I took the time to explore what I wanted to do next.

Apparently, a stoner who's figuring out what to do next doesn't bode well with society. I would dread meeting friends because they always asked what I was up to and that bothered me only because they made me feel that way.

In fact I was perfectly happy exploring my options. I would get a lot of insults or sly comments about me not having a job which affected me a lot. I was looked down upon. I would go home and write a bunch of comebacks to say to them when I met them next.

But every time I was insulted and had the chance to be rude back to them, I could never get myself to utter those comebacks. This bothered me/my confidence a lot.

Today, I live in the USA and taking chances with my life only because I took that time off. I am proud I never said those comebacks and let my progress be a slap on their face.

This experience has taught me to be kind no matter how rude people are, because they need it the most. And sometimes all a person needs are a few kind words and support. This generation is so obsessed with having an attitude and think that is so cool! Guys, wake up and take a look in the mirror! It isn't as cool as you think it is. You know what is cool? Talking to the most unpopular kid in high school, the misfits, the nerds, the have-nots, the one's figuring out life, the so-called losers, the people you think wear ugly clothes and are below your standards! Go talk to them, hear their story, be kind, say something nice, help them with whatever you're capable of. Do it! Throw your garbage attitude in the trash and DO IT! And please don't go talk about it to people. Do it cause you'll genuinely feel good about it. BE KIND, IT'S GANGSTA! :)

Kindness has the power to create radical change.

Just be Kind to someone today. Click to show your support and grow the movement.

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