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Zabreb, Croatia


A beautiful composition

kindness brings.

It is a song

which our soul sings.

But in today’s world,

kindness is not easy to find.

Often I ask myself:

“Why is so hard to be kind?”

So many benefits

kindness creates.

Our deeper part,

it awakes.

It opens a gate

to our soul.

To find this treasure

should be our goal.

Kindness can melt

the coldest heart.

It is a part

of the most beautiful art.

It brings

positive vibrations.

With kindness we can have

amazing transformations.

Then the good energy

is reflected,

and that’s wonderful,

because we’re all connected.

Being aware

of these things...

More light

in our life it brings.

Let’s put away


our fake masks,

and let’s show our true selves

no matter what somebody asks.

Our true nature

comes from the heart,

and kindness is

one big part.

So let’s allow

this part of our soul

in every life situation,

play an important role. :)

Kindness has the power to create radical change.

Just be Kind to someone today. Click to show your support and grow the movement.

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