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Tokyo, Japan

He Could Have Kept Walking...

Many years ago, I had a layover in Dallas/Fort Worth. When putting my travel plans together, I had decided to spend the night in the airport—as the time until my next flight was long, but not long enough for me to go to a hotel and then arrive back with time to make my flight. As the night stretched on, I tried all sorts of pretzel positions that would allow me to nap, but these lounge seats were not made for sleeping on.

From out of the blue and without a word, a man brought out a foldout cot and blanket from some hidden staff room for me to use.

I never got the chance to thank him, so here’s my chance! Thank you! From time to time, I think about this man’s kind deed. The waiting lounge I was in was deserted, which could be why I stuck out. But still, it would have been easy for him to just keep walking. But he didn

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