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Davenport, IA

Bobbie’s Kindness Story

As a 5’ 3’’ softball player, you can imagine my surprise when a high school volleyball coach asked me to attend tryouts. My reply was, “I think I am a bit short for volleyball.”

“No, I don’t think you are,” she said.

All day long, I was anxious and worried that I might let the coach down as I had never played volleyball competitively. But as promised, I showed up for the tryout session.

Going through various drills and skills, I found myself enjoying the challenges that we were being judged on. After a two-hour long workout, the coach said, “Now do you understand why I insisted you tryout?”

“Not really.”

“You have the ability to be one of the best setters this school has ever seen,” she replied.

That kindness and encouragement at that very moment defined me as a winner for the rest of my life.

Kindness has the power to create radical change.

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