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St. Christopher’s medallion
Dallas, TX

A Reminder I Carry with Me

This picture shows St. Christopher’s medallion that I wear around my neck at all times.

One of the stories behind the legend of St. Christopher is that he couldn’t carry himself, so someone else

carried him.

A dear aunt, Bobbie Folsom, knew I was going through it, and she gave this to me. She said, “This

medallion means a lot to me, but I want you to have this because you need it now. And I believe in you

and I want you to have something so that you know I’ll always be there for you if you need me.”

Tom Hougan had given the St. Christopher medal to Bobbie before he died and then she gave it to me

when I was struggling.

Back in those days when Bobbie gave this to me, I was not very well off. And the story of St. Christopher

is a reminder that someone helped him along the way, someone loved him. And for me, this is the one

thing that shows me how much people can love each other. It’s something that helps me always

remember that so I won’t forget it. I have other necklace pieces but this medallion and the cross are the

only two things I wear on the chain.

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