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40 for 40
Minneapolis, MN

40K By Year 40

About one year ago, I was at the absolute lowest place in my life. I was completely robbed of joy and longed for death.

In that dark ugly place, I decided to choose hope. My 40th birthday is this coming July, so last year, when I felt completely empty of myself, I decided I would count down to my 40th birthday by raising $40,000 to give away.

I shared this dark journey and decision more fully in this video from last December.

So far, I've given almost $27,000 to 7 non-profits, and I'd love to spread the word in these final weeks, as I share about my hopelessness one year ago to the incredible adventure it's been to radically give and make a difference.

You can see the latest updates on my website or listen to fuller versions of my story on either the Let's Give A Damn Podcast or Moxie Podcast.

Kindness has the power to create radical change.

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