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Share your experience of courage, sadness, or kindness. Send in your audio, video, or your written account.

It takes only a moment... but has lasting impact.

Real-life stories spark ideas of how we each can do good and be kind always in our corner of the globe.

Your experience will show readers that...
(a) We are not alone.
(b) We are capable.
(c) We are the solution!

And who knows? Your account could be selected for publication in a kindness book, scheduled for Autumn 2019. We look forward to reviewing your submission.
Share your experience here. Aren't sure if your story is a good match for our site? Feel free to write in any way, and we'll be in touch!
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Picture This: What Kindness Looks Like to You

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Art has the magical ability to express emotions where words and images fall short.

Spread kindness through artwork that captures what kindness looks like when there are no limits to what is possible.

Submit your artwork or your child’s artwork for a chance to see it featured on Dare To Be Kind’s Instagram feed or in a related kindness-themed gallery.

Submissions should be sent to
kind-team @
with the following information: Name, age, city/country, artwork, and artwork caption. Your drawing should be on the theme: “What kindness looks like to me.”

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