phone calls on a typical day are placed to domestic violence hotlines nationwide


unaccompanied children and young adults experience homelessness each year in the US 
(HUD Exchange)

1.6 billion 

people across the globe who lack adequate housing
(Habitat, 2015)


suicides took place in the US in 2016, twice as many than there were homicides


of young people and students report seeing bullying in their schools
(Stop Bullying)

Gabriella van Rij - founder of Dare To Be Kind a Global Movement

Dare to do your part.

All it takes is 1 act of kindness within a 2-mile radius.
The vision is a safer world.
The method is kindness.

The vehicle is you.

We dare you to be kind!

Gabriella van Rij [pronounced “ray”] articulated what would become the Dare To Be Kind movement in 2010, while writing her first book With All My Might. She expanded on the concept during her travels and speaking engagements in 2012 with the Dare To Be Kind campaign, which gathered momentum and is now a full-fledged Kindness movement, with Kindness instigators across the globe. Visit here for more about Gabriella van Rij and her story.


Update from Gabriella: "Last night we stayed at this cute hostel / museum in Little Rock, AR, on our way to our next stop. It's been too cold to camp out due to rain and snow. 🌧️❄️ On a happy note, I cooked a pot of chili 🥣🍷 and shared a meal with my fellow travelers, Wendy, Katherine, Collin, Eric, who were sheltering from the awful weather outside."

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Watch the movement move as the founder, Gabriella van Rij, hits the road, captures your kindness stories, speaks at schools, communities, and corporations, and creates safer communities through 1 act of kindness wherever she goes.

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Kindness only grows more Kindness.

We get a lot of inquiries asking how to help, and it’s really simple… no fees, no forms, no complicated steps.

  • 1. Share a story on the #DaretobeKind site.
  • 2. Make Dare To Be Kind TV a reality. Stay tuned!
  • 3. Grow the movement on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.
  • 4. Donate your hotel rewards points to keeping the Kindness Team on the road, pushing kindness into the news cycle and creating a TV show that will be pure positive energy from start to finish. If you'd like to help out in this way, write to this email address:

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