Gabriella van Rij featuring the Dare to be Kind TV Show
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Homeless man Unnoticed, Unwanted, Unloved.
Gabriella van Rij featuring the Dare to be Kind TV ShowNobody Forgets an act of Kindness poster
Kind man helping the homeless
Gabriella van Rij Be the Difference Speach
Gabriella van Rij public speaking
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phone calls on a typical day are placed to domestic violence hotlines nationwide

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unaccompanied children and young adults experience homelessness each year in the US
(HUD Exchange)

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1.6 billion

people across the globe lack adequate housing
(Habitat, 2015)

1.6 billion
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suicides took place in the US in 2016, twice as many than there were homicides

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of young people and students report seeing bullying in their schools
(Stop Bullying)

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Dare to be Kind

All it takes is 1 act of kindness within a 2-mile radius.

The vision is a SAFER world.

The method is KINDNESS.

The vehicle is YOU.

We dare you to be kind!

Gabriella van Rij leaning against house

Dare to do your part.

Gabriella van Rij [pronounced “ray”] articulated what would become the Dare To Be Kind - A Global Movement in 2010, while writing her first book With All My Might. She expanded on the concept during her travels and speaking engagements in 2012 with the Dare To Be Kind campaign, which gathered momentum and is now a full-fledged Kindness movement, with Kindness instigators across the globe and an online platform sharing how to be kind. Visit here for more about Gabriella van Rij and her story.

Walk for Water

Building Wells for Students in Uganda

April 1, 2019

✨ A 2-minute read to get you inspired... Tracy Baker and the Yavin foundation, on an incredible mission to bring clean water to students in Kalisizo, Uganda. 👍

Gabriella van Rij on WPNT 22 The Point!

Gabriella van Rij on WPNT 22 The Point! talking about the Dare To Be Kind Movement

March 19, 2019

Founder Gabriella van Rij, interviewed by Jordan Conigliaro on WPNT 22 The Point! This happened when she visited Pittsburgh last month, and the segment aired this last Sunday! Watch, like, share! 😁 -->

Interviewed by Jordan Conigliaro, WPNT 22 The Point! Fun and engaging interview about the Dare to Be Kind Movement. ✨😊

December 15, 2018

Michael Keeler volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Flint & Genesee County and was honored with the 2017 Big Brother of the Year award. On December 11, 2018, Gabriella van Rij, founder of the Dare To Be Kind movement, sat down and asked him about what prompted him to start volunteering with Big Brothers.
Catch the interview here.

December 13, 2018

Update from Gabriella: Catholic Charities (Soup Kitchen) serves 2 meals a day every day... WOW! Giving and volunteering are at the center of life in Flint, Michigan... They "dare" to be Kind every day! Here I am at their Soup Kitchen with the wonderful active volunteer in her community, Alison Kisch Dedrick.

December 6, 2018

Dare To Be Kind World Tour and TV Show Update: The tour will come back to Wisconsin for 10 days in January of next year! We’ll be interviewing 🎥 members of the police force, firefighters, paramedics, and others! 👮♀️👨⚕️Our first-responders EP of the TV show is going to be one you won’t want to miss! Lots of thanks go to Megan Rauschenberger who will be lining up the interviews for us! You’re a champ! 🙏💪

December 3, 2018

During the first month of the Dare To Be Kind tour 🌎, Gabriella talked with Joel, a veteran / licensed clinical social worker about what led him to his current line of work. Beautiful stuff here.✨ More to come on the Dare To Be Kind TV show, but for now, check out the initial interview here: 👇

November 27, 2018

Here's where the Dare To Be Kind World Tour is at right now: Gabriella made it to the Mid-west! And she's getting ready for the north--which will be even colder than it is here. The snow was too heavy for the trees. And, too deep for her to travel. 🌧️❄️🤔🚘 So she's taking an extra day to get packed and prepared. Newly arrived: a sleeping bag, which is 3x as thick as the one she bought before, for minus-20 degree weather! Yikes! 😅

Bella: Mom... this is a warm bed!

Gabriella: How about leaving it for me?

November 26, 2018

On November 11, Gabriella interviewed Monica Greer, a volunteer at The Poiema Foundation. The foundation's focus: educating the public and raising awareness in order to prevent sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and other methods of sexual exploitation. Don't miss this latest interview! To learn more about The Poiema Foundation and the important work they do, visit the following links:


November 22, 2018

What was life like on the road? 🤔🚘 Gabriella talks about life on the road with the Dare To Be Kind World Tour + drops hints of exciting news to come.

November 19, 2018

On November 2, Gabriella met with Debbie Lee who founded in honor of her veteran son. Here, in her own words, is the story of her son's last letter home and how it changed everything for so many... In the beautiful words of Marc A. Lee (KIA Aug 2, 2006), "Pass on the kindness, the love, the precious gift of human life."

#americasmightywarriors @americasmightywarriors

November 14, 2018

Update from Gabriella: "Last night we stayed at this cute hostel / museum in Little Rock, AR, on our way to our next stop. It's been too cold to camp out due to rain and snow. 🌧️❄️ On a happy note, I cooked a pot of chili 🥣🍷 and shared a meal with my fellow travelers, Wendy, Katherine, Collin, Eric, who were sheltering from the awful weather outside."

November 13, 2018

Sometimes the impact of one caring act 💞 💫 can mean the world 🌎 to someone else. Read Joel's story about the thing that helped him through some rough times. And remember, we're all here to help each other through. The Dare To Be Kind team wishes you a wonderful week ahead! 🏆 Check out:

November 13, 2018

Happy #WorldKindnessDay! Get motivated to do more for others by listening to this short but powerful interview with Dare To Be Kind founder, Gabriella van Rij on New Zealand radio show, The Long Lunch! Do us a favor? Subscribe to this show so we can push more positive news into the news cycle!

November 8, 2018

Today, Gabriella talked with the Boys and Girls Club at Adobe Acres Elementary School on tone, body language, kindness 👏❤️, and becoming an active witness. The kids specifically felt that kindness=respect. So lovely to hear such definite opinions from this age group: 7 to 11. A huge thank-you 🌹to site director Teodora T Gonzales for inviting the Dare To Be Kind movement to speak with your kids! 👩👧👦In the picture: Gabriella talks with the cheerleading squad! 🤸‍♀️🎉

November 7, 2018

Exactly one week ago, at 5PM, Dare To Be Kind founder, Gabriella van Rij, drove out of Beverly Hills... And so much has happened since! 🤸Today, we were invited by Brianna Bielecki, a unit Director at the Boys & Girls Club of Central New Mexico, to speak with 55 students on kindness vs. bullying and the difficult topic of how to get along with each other without feeling the need to bully. 🤔😅 Kindness always works its magic... However, a few tips and tricks are needed to learn this valuable lesson. 🎉

November 6, 2018

Here we have Tim Sheehan, president/CEO of @BoysGirlsClubsOfCentralNewMexico, and Dare To Be Kind founder, Gabriella van Rij! 😊 After a lovely session with the managers here, Gabriella was invited back to talk with 55 students on a topic she is passionate about stopping: bullying! 🚫 Happening tomorrow! And check out the great work that @bgccnm is doing! ❤️💪🏆

Make sure to follow their SM accounts:

November 5, 2018

Update from Gabriella: "At The Good Shepherd’s home in Albuquerque. 🏡 We will be interviewing Brother Shaun tomorrow, so stay tuned! We also went to the Boys and Girls club and will be speaking with their managers tomorrow. So much excitement on the horizon! 🌟 By the way, this was the first time I walked into an admin office where everyone was laughing and smiling! Such great energy here. 😍😎"

November 2, 2018

Update from Gabriella: "Today we met with Debbie Lee @americasmightywarriors_ who founded in honor of her veteran son. What an amazing work that Debbie does! So happy to meet a kindred spirit, with a truly important mission and beautiful vision. In the beautiful words of Marc A. Lee (KIA Aug 2, 2006), "Pass on the kindness, the love, the precious gift of human life." Something we should all strive to live up to. A beautiful interview with her will be posted to our site soon. Don't miss it! #americasmightywarriors @americasmightywarriors"

November 2, 2018

Update from Gabriella: "We woke up to beautiful desert 🌵 cactus everywhere. Tent is closed; beds are made. Coffee has been made in a French coffee press. We are slightly organized. Today we have a meeting in Phoenix for a Veterans organization! Our acts of Kindness have started."

November 1, 2018

Update from Gabriella: "On the road 🛣️, heading toward Whitetank Mountain Regional Park, outside of Phoenix. Happy to report that the first night in the camper was uneventful! 😅 We were exhausted, so we went straight to sleep--no tossing or turning. And look who we met! We thought we were minimalist, but check out this guy who makes do with just one backpack and his cat! 🐈 P.S.: We did find that we need a little more light at night 🌌 around the car--we'll work on that tomorrow."

October 31, 2018

It's beginning! The Dare To Be Kind world tour is launching in under 24 hours! 🏕️ Most people buy a tent to fit **IN** the car but founder, Gabriella needs a car to fit the size of her iCamper tent! 🤔🚘  Direction: Arizona. Secret compartment filled with groceries on one side and cooking gear on the other.

October 19, 2018

Update from Gabriella: "Yesterday was the last day celebrating the changing of the seasons, a 9-day event, and the last day was the most important. Incredible that I was there on the last day! Apparently, according to my friends, it means that my upcoming travels have the green light."

Our World Tour

Watch the movement move as the founder, Gabriella van Rij, hits the road, captures your kindness stories, speaks at schools, communities, and corporations, and creates safer communities through 1 act of kindness wherever she goes.

Go here to see Travel Map details, live updates, and more!

Gabriella van Rij leaning against house

Kindness only grows more Kindness.

We get a lot of inquiries asking how to help, and it’s really simple… no fees, no forms, no complicated steps.

  • Share a story on the #DaretobeKind site.
  • Set up Kindness talks in your city (school, community center, corporation, etc.) 
  • Share our posts on social media. Grow the movement on FacebookTwitterYouTube, and Instagram.
  • Send us people we can interview for our site or our TV show.
  • Give donations in whatever way you are able.
  • Donate your hotel rewards points, or let us stay with you for a couple of nights, to keeping the Kindness Team on the road, pushing kindness into the news cycle and creating a TV show that will be pure positive energy from start to finish. If you'd like to help out in this way, write to us:

Gabriella, thanks so much for sharing your message about kindness at Pittsburgh Technical College. Your enthusiasm, passion, and direct approach was a benefit to everyone who participated. Thank you again for giving back to our college community and presenting to our students and faculty.

—Melissa A. Wertz, Dean of Humanities, Sciences, Business, and Online Programs, Pittsburgh Technical College

Yesterday’s experience for my middle school students was eye-opening and heart-felt! Gabriella’s thoughts and ideas hit home for many, and her anti-bullying message was heard by all. When she spoke, you could hear a pin drop, so I know that their hearts were listening! Thank you so much for your visit to PS 232Q!

—Lisa A. Josephson, Principal, P.S. 232Q

Gabriella van Rij captures the importance kindness plays in our lives. [She] goes beyond civility to help us each consider the actions we take on any given day that can positively impact the people around us. Her presentation connected with students, faculty, and staff. To gauge her impact, all you have to do is watch all the people line up to talk with her. It is something special to witness.

—Tim Wynes, President, Black Hawk College

Ms. Gabriella van Rij was the embodiment of kindness. Through innovative and collaborative ways, she captivated the engagement of our Middle School students at PS/MS 207. Through discussion, a basketball, and simple photos, Ms. van Rij was able to change the mindset of students and give them a rebirth in their thinking of others. Thank you very much for the visit, we look forward to your return and good luck on the world tour!

—Michael Hendry, Acting Assistant Principal, P.S./M.S. 207: Rockwood Park

Gabriella is a wonderful lady who lives what she preaches!!! She visited my school and talked to first and second graders on kindness! They were so excited and talked about spreading kindness the rest of the afternoon. She is changing the world one kind act at a time!

—Liz Seng, Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy

Gabriella’s message really resonated with our students because she relates her personal story to what we all have felt, and challenges the students to become allies, not instigators. Thank you, we were so honored to have you with us!

—Nancy Emmerson, Vincentian Academy

Gabriella is an outstanding speaker!  Our students have taken the initiative to put a stop to bullying on our campus, and did so with the implementation of "Project Z" at Tulare Union. "Project Z" stands for zero tolerance for bullying. Included in our "Project Z" kick off, Gabriella visited our campus and spoke to all of our students about the impact bullying had on her childhood, and what she has done to conquer those challenges and make a difference in the lives of others.  Her ability to share her story and connect to our students increased awareness throughout our campus.

—Michelle N. Tulare High School

Gabriella van Rij is the real deal.  She lives and breathes kindness every day.  Her enthusiasm is contagious. Boundless energy, extremely knowledgable, articulate, compassionate, reciprocal listener, supportive, creative, and appropriately empathetic, are all words I use to describe her.  On a 1-10 rating scale, Gabriella would get my highest rating of 11. Every time I see the word “Kindness” I think of Gabriella van Rij.  Rarely have a met an individual this motivated to change the world. This multi-talented woman will do it! 

—Don Lawson, Musician/Songwriter/Producer

I had the opportunity to interview Gabriella for The Kindness Podcast and it was a hit! She spoke both from the standpoint of an expert in the field of kindness and as a human who feels the raw power that comes from incorporating kindness into one's life.

—Nicole Locy Phillips

Author Gabriella van Rij was a half-hour guest on my television program, Conversations With Gloria Greer. Gabriella was one of the most interesting and articulate guests that I have interviewed. (And my guests have ranged from Benjamin Netanyahu to the late Betty Ford.) Gabriella’s book With All My Might is an example of how a person can succeed in life with intelligence, determination, and pride despite obstacles. Her story is fascinating and so is she.

—Gloria Greer, known for her television show Conversations With Gloria Greer

Using the portable microphone, Gabriella moved among members, adroitly using PowerPoint to augment her ideas on kindness. … The applause as the presentation ended was a clear indication that Gabriella had “hit a homer.” Members thanked her with many smiles in gratitude for her outstanding presentation.

—The Gimlet, Rotary Club of Duluth • Vol. 103, No. 30 • January 17, 2019

Gabriella ROCKS! Her message and mission is simple, authentic, and sincere. She is committed to changing the world one thought, one kindness, one life at a time.

—Jim Schneider, School to Work Coordinator, North Scott High School

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Safer Communities

Learn the key to safer communities and healthier relationships

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Practical Applications

The role kindness plays in effective, successful communication

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The vision is a SAFER world, the METHOD is kindness, the vehicle is YOU

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The Definitive Guide by the Kindness Expert

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Direct and easy-to-follow, Kindness Is a Choice provides a perspective shift on the role Kindness plays in daily interactions with coworkers, clients, friends, and family. And through pinpointing excuses and providing situational how-tos and simple steps—it shows us how we can harness our Kindness ability to rapidly refresh every sphere of our lives and beyond.

This book is a tool for…
• Anyone who seeks to be energizing vs. draining
• Managers who want to get the most out of their staff and halt employee turnover
• Business owners who want to create a company culture they can be proud of
• Parents who seek to raise their children to be Kind-hearted, compassionate individuals
• Teachers and school admin who wish to foster a safe school/campus environment
• Everyone who desires increased capacity for dealing with confrontation and conflict
• Those interested in developing themselves to meet today’s humanitarian challenges

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